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We provide design and construction services for anyone looking to improve a property.

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Single Family Rehab

Looking to improve an income property or flip real-estate? We can provide the best return on investment for your property.

Multi-Family Rehab

Renovate existing multi-family properties or convert single family into condos with our design and construction services.

Mixed Use Development

Properties that have both residential and commercial or retail space can be renovated or developed with comprehensive planning and on-time, on-budget construction.

Design + Construction Services

Mint Development Group has a talented design team that takes projects from the vague “We’re thinking about this idea…” all the way through the punchlist in construction. Our goal is to figure out all the details during design that would allow us to execute all of our projects on-time, and on-budget during construction with minimal changes once the work starts. This level of planning allows us to really control the construction process and results, as well as set clear budget expectations up front. 

We’ll Keep You


Proper planning during the design process allows us to present accurate budgets before construction even starts.

We’ll Keep You On-Time

We use advanced project management software and thorough planning in the design process to make sure your project starts and ends on time, eliminating extra cost and material delays. 

One Company is Fully Accountable

Have you ever been caught in the middle of a designer and a contractor pointing fingers at each other when something goes wrong in a project? We eliminate this because Mint is responsible for both the design and the construction of every project.

“The design-build process is a great way to control the budget and timeline of a project, and allowed us to really get our financing in place and approved before we even started the project.”

Diana Davis

Happy Remodeling Client

“We loved the fact that we knew what our project was going to cost down to the cent before ever doing any of the actual work. Their design process is amazing!”


Jessica Bowen

Happy Remodeling Client

A Contractor You Can Trust

Our full cost transparency can help put you at ease about what you’re paying for. We show you what every item costs for your project, including what our markup is. We want to make sure that you’re comfortable with every aspect of your project.

No Hidden Fees

Transparent pricing from the start, itemized budgets, and clear communication about any changes to pricing throughout the design and construction process.

Free Consultations

We’re happy to meet with you and walk through our process and your project, and explore whether or not we’re the right fit for each other.


Free Estimates

A team member will walk through your project with you and prepare an estimate based on your scope of work and expected budget range.

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Reach out now! We’re always happy to have a discussion about your goals, and see if we’re a good match for each other.